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Technical information
Q 4.2 modular construction system:
Standard clear span: 7 m x 6 m / 500 mm modular format
(can be extended to span greater distances)
The modular construction system has been designed and developed for use without intrusive transverse bracing, chain connections, ledgers or dowelling.
It gives you maximum freedom of movement for your stand concept and ensures that the largest possible usable area is at your disposal.
The bridging joists for the steel structure are made of IPE 360 and the floor girders are made of IPE 240, both with evenly spaced web punching or faced with magnetic panels.
The columns are made of cylindrical steel tubing - d = 219 mm - with machined head pieces - d = 265 mm - screwed onto them to accommodate the bridging joists.
All visible components are coated with RAL 9007 (similar to grey aluminium) lacquer in SYSCON's own paint shop. If you would prefer to specify your own (RAL) colour scheme as an option, we would be happy to oblige.
The Q 4.2 modular construction system has a loading capacity of
350 kp/m² to 500kp/m².
q 4.2 q 4.2
Overall height / Roof-bearing structure:
The system is available in 4 standard heights:  
3.050 mm top FFL (top of the finished floor level)
3.580 mm top FFL
3.932 mm top FFL
4.462 mm top FFL
Adapters may be used to alter the height in increments of 176 mm
If a roof-bearing structure is required, columns - h = 2,860 mm - made of cylindrical tubing - d = 168 mm - are used with head pieces made of IPE 240 to accommodate the roof girders.
overall height

Staircases (designs / dimensions / coverings):

There are staircases available with single flights, two flights, three flights or four flights of stairs, as well as spiral and helical staircases (with or without landings).  
Flight widths: 1.0 m, 1.2 m, 1.4 m to 2.0 m
The steps are provided with maple or beechwood finish, or with V2A stainless steel trays to accommodate your own covering material.
Balustrade / Handrail:
Choose from a wide range of fillings; stainless steel cable, clear glass, frosted glass, coated glass, glass balustrade (fixed), horizontal bars, posts (surface-mounted) or a custom-built balustrade filling.  
We offer a choice of beechwood or stainless steel handrails, or a custom-built handrail.
balustrades handrail
Ceiling / upper floor design:
Preassembled coffers (chipboard panels worked onto trapezoidal sheeting in angular frames) as the supporting structure; underside coated in pure white (similar to RAL 9010) and fully visible.  
Cable ducts can be integrated both lengthwise and crosswise along the principle axes and led through to the ground floor through special supporting columns with openings in the head and base.
Once the trapezoidal sheeting coffer ceiling has been installed, a chipboard panel is finally fitted on site to level the surface out.
Ceiling / upper floor systems:
Pure white (similar to RAL 9010) as the standard coating for the trapezoidal sheeting  
We also offer optional suspended ceiling systems:
Mineral fibre ceiling systems
Metal coffer ceiling systems
Low-voltage downlights, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems can be integrated according to the type of ceiling.
ceiling upper floor systems
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